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Prayer Requests

Expectant Mothers: Heather D., Sydnee F., Katie H., and Lindsay A.

Gale, uncle of Nancy C. Nancy praises the Lord for His mercy and answers to prayer for her Uncle Gale’s bladder surgery. No tumors were found and small interior surface cancers were treated with two methods. He is now home with minimal discomfort, much to the relief of his wife, Jacque.

Gary, cousin of Nancy C. He is now in “at home” hospice care with cirrhosis of the liver, stage 4 colon cancer, and bone metastasis in his upper and lower spine. Pray for effective pain relief from the two medications given to him, and that the Father would draw him, Jacque, and Gale to Christ Jesus that they might be born from above by the Holy Spirit, and have their hearts purified by faith in Him.

Wendy, sister of Nancy C., who has not found employment in South Dakota for the last 3-5 years. She is now getting rid of all her household goods so she can move to Illinois to live with my parents in order to take care of them.

Lucas B.’s surgery last week went well. He was moved to the post op floor for better monitoring. They were told he could be there for up to a week post op. Please pray that recovery goes smoothly so that Lucas and Beth can return home.

Holly H., mother of Ryan H., with lung cancer. Holly’s surgery last week went well. The nodule was confirmed to be cancer, but initial tests on some lymph nodes came back negative. There is some additional testing going on. Please pray for negative results on those biopsies. Please continue to pray for healing.

Ginny F., recovering from shoulder surgery.

Karen S. as she continues to seek treatment for degenerative disc disease.

Brad T. as he continues on hospice and MaryAnn for strength and rest as she cares for him in their home.

Karen E.: Please continue to pray for healing and strength.

NCPC Family and Friends

Robbie H. and son Casey (friends of Rob W.) – recovering from a

      severe car accident

Dave B. (Jill K.’s foster brother) – on hospice for cancer

Debbie H. (Bob and Donna R.’s daughter) – cancer in her

      liver and lungs

Elaine (Ellie P.’s niece) – pancreatic cancer

Scott P. (Kent P.’s brother) – cancer

Anna C. (friend of Stewarts) – metastatic breast cancer

Kathleen M. – cancer


Evening Worship Service begins tonight at 5:30 pm. Pastor Nick Hathaway will be preaching on Galatians 1:11-2:14: Paul’s Story.

Congregational Meeting: NCPC will be holding our semi-annual Congregational Meeting on Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00 pm at the church building. Your attendance in strongly encouraged if you feel comfortable with COVID protocols we have in place for the safety of the congregation. There will NOT be a live stream of the meeting. Babysitting will be provided. We also plan to hold Kids Quest, Quest, and Vision that evening for those youth who are not members taking part in the congregational meeting. As always, regular attendees are also welcome and encouraged to attend. Hard copies of the Congregational Report are located on the table in the narthex.

Important Announcement from the Missions Committee: Due to the ongoing restrictions from COVID-19, we are postponing our annual Missions Conference until the summer. Our conference will now be held on the weekend of July 23 – 25. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. David Garner form Westminster Seminary. Please plan to join us in the summer!