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Prayer Requests

Expectant Mothers: Annie H., Kate B., Elizabeth M., Camille D., Heather Dem., and Alissa (L.) R.

Adalyn T., covenant daughter of Fred and Audra T., was born on October 18th. Mom and Baby are doing well. Congratulations to the T. family!

Jay, friend of Chris M., as he battles severe long-term health issues as a result of 9/11. See the end of the prayer list for a more detailed prayer request.

Ruth B. as she continues to recover at home.


Brad T. as he continues on hospice and MaryAnn for strength and rest as she cares for him in their home.

Karen E.: Please continue to pray for healing and strength.

NCPC Family and Friends

Bob (neighbor of Sueann W.) – as he continues to heal after radiation on his vocal chords

Lisa (niece of Marjean A.) – thymus cancer

Macey B. for continued healing after her major surgery.

Debbie (daughter of Bob and Donna R.) – for spiritual strength as she undergoes chemo and immunotherapy treatment for liver and lung cancer

Scott (Kent P.’s brother) – cancer

Anna (friend of Stewarts) – metastatic breast cancer

Prayer request from Jay and Lena O.

Jay was meeting his father in NYC on the morning of 9/11. Jay had taken the train to NY and was able to talk to his dad by phone but was never able to see him. His dad died when the first tower fell. Jay was within one block of ground zero when the second tower fell and was enveloped by the dust and debris. The inhalation of all of those toxins caused him to develop sinus issues, a cough, lung issues and pain throughout his body. He was diagnosed with GPA, which is an autoimmune disease. In 2015, the disease began affecting his brain. He has been hospitalized on and off for 20 years and is on 20 different medications twice a day to try to control his symptoms. He is on chemotherapy and receives infusions as well. Because his immune system is compromised, he is more susceptible to contracting infections and viruses. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to keep him safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, he contracted the virus in April of 2021 and was hospitalized for most of the month and is now hospitalized a second time with the virus. This time, he has developed a pulmonary abscess as well. Please pray for healing, for this virus to leave his body, wisdom for the doctors and peace of mind in God’s plan for Jay and our family.


Evening Program begins tonight at 5:30 pm. We will have a special missions report from Phil and Barb, along with their daughter Louisa. Phil and Barb serve as missionaries with MTW to the Muslim people of the Middle East. There will be a special livestream link sent out by email. After the missions report, Dr. Barker will be continuing his lecture series on the American Puritans: The Puritans and Education.

Third Way Farm: We are organizing an all-ages visit to Third Way Farm in Havre de Grace on Thursday, Nov. 11th. Families & kids can carpool or meet at the farm at 3:30 until 5:00 pm. There is no cost for this visit. Come meet the Shiremans who own and run Third Way Farm and learn about their unique approach to farming: no-till, rotational grazing. Check out their website for more information:  The farm is located at 601 Robinhood Road in Havre de Grace. Don't forget to dress appropriately for a visit to a farm (i.e. boots/appropriate footwear are a must).

Save the Date! Our annual Ladies Christmas Brunch will be on Saturday, December 11th, at 10:00 am. We hope you and your loved ones can join us! More details to come soon.