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Prayer Requests

Expectant Mothers: Camille D., Heather Dem., Alissa (L.) R., Cindy S. (twins), and Megan (R.) S. (twins).

Debbie, daughter of Bob and Donna R., has been accepted into a new cancer treatment program in Hyattsville and will begin to receive infusions every three weeks aiming to slow cancer progression. Praise the Lord!

Elizabeth M. is doing great and is almost ready to be discharged! Evelyn is also almost ready to come home! If she can’t be discharged with Elizabeth, they will send her to UCMC until she can go home. Elizabeth will need to seriously quarantine when she gets home, but otherwise, things may be back to normal, with some support, very soon.

Katie K., future daughter-in-law of Greg and Susan S., is home recovering from broken bones in her hand and femur which required surgery. She is receiving in-home PT and doing very well, but still has pain and a long road ahead.

Colleen W. as she recovers at home from COVID.

Ava, 5 year old daughter of Christina S.’s coworker. Ava is undergoing extreme chemotherapy now in order to receive a stem cell transplant due to a genetic condition. 

Karen E.: Please continue to pray for healing and strength.

NCPC Family and Friends

Amy (friend of Chris M.) – cancer

Mason (fiancé of Sydney S.) – Ewing’s sarcoma

Lisa (niece of Marjean A.) – thymus cancer

Macey B. for continued healing after her major surgery.

Scott (Kent P.’s brother) – cancer

Anna (friend of Stewarts) – metastatic breast cancer


Evening Worship Service will begin tonight at 5:30 pm. Pastor Nick Hathaway will be preaching on Matthew 13:24-43: Jesus Makes Visible the Invisible.

Correction for the Congregational Meeting this week: Deacon Bob Turner will stand for election for another three-year term on the Board of Deacons.

Supplies needed for Family Night projects: Family nights begin on February 2. Children in Kindergarten through 4th grade will be learning about Horticulture. We are accepting donations of paper egg cartons and cardboard toilet paper cylinders, which we will use for our seedlings. We are also in need of some grow lights and wondered if any in the congregation had some they were not using. Please see Pastor Nick with questions or to donate supplies.

Free Covid Tests are available for at-home testing. Go to