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Expectant Mothers: B. Foster

Tammy C., sister-in-law of Nancy S., has a staph infection in her knee. After weeks of IV antibiotics, she will have surgery on May 26th to have a knee fuse. If the surgery is not successful with the infection, amputation is next. Please continue to keep Tammy and Keith in prayer.


Melanie S. as she continues to recover from COVID-19.


Janet W., Rob W.’s mother, is 83 and having some health issues.


Marilyn C., mother of Christina S., with multiple myeloma. Please pray especially for Marilyn’s salvation.


Scott P., brother of Kent P., recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from his brain and as he starts radiation treatment.


Nancy M., as she continues to battle cancer.


Anna C., friend of the Stewarts, continues to battle metastatic breast cancer.


Kathleen M. as she continues to wrestle with her cancer.


Dave B., Jill K.’s foster brother, as he continues treatment for cancer.


Karen E. as she struggles with various health issues.


Kayla, granddaughter of Doug and Chris T., as she continues treatment for optic nerve glioma.


Ria v.: We pray in thanksgiving for the spiritual strength that Ria continues to display as she rests in hospice care at her home.  She and the family appreciate the warm comfort and support she is receiving from members of the congregation.

The Ciliax family asks for prayer for the family of her sister Beverly and husband Barry W., at the death of their daughter Kayla, 41 years old, in the early morning hours of Monday May 18, 2020. The W.s learned late Sunday evening of her cardiac arrest, and drove 4 hours in a driving rainstorm to reach the hospital just in time to kiss her goodbye before she died. Kayla had chronic health problems. The funeral on Thursday May 21, 2020 at 2:00 pm CST is being streamed for those who cannot attend because of COVID-19, including their son Kyle and wife Ginny who live in California. Their youngest son Kellen lives nearby and is a great help to them. Their eldest son Trace, died September 5, 2015 in a motorcycle accident. Bev and Barry are believers. 

Our family also asks for prayer for:

  • Our daughter-in-law Bekah (Ryan) on the death of her grandfather Ted K. (her father Steve's father), in the early morning of May 18, 2020;
  • My Aunt Jacque's husband Gale H. who has a new bladder cancer; 
  • My cousin Gary K. (Jacque's son) who must go through 13 more chemo treatment for stage 4 liver cancer and now a new colon cancer; 
  • My brother Phil J.'s wife Julie's sister Joy who is on chemo for 4th stage ovarian cancer (mother Janice, a widow).


Box Tops is Going Digital! Box Tops is in the process of phasing out traditional Box Top clipping, and moving to a new way of earning cash for our school. New labels will begin appearing on boxes, and instead of clipping, you will be “collecting” by scanning your grocery receipt using the Box Top App. No packages will be scanned. You must scan your shopping receipt. That will be validation that you have made the purchase, and immediately it will be credited to your account. Traditional Box Tops will still be honored until their expiration date so please continue to send those in with your child.