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Prayer Requests

Expectant Mothers: Breeze F., Missy J., Paulina V., and Madeline S.

Stacey B. as she recovers from hip surgery last week.

Tom L. is attending speech therapy to help his voice become louder. That will be followed by 4 weeks of physical therapy. Please pray for the therapy to

be successful and for strength to continue with physical therapy.

Jane, Kristen L.’s mother, has finished rabies shots after being bit by a bat that got into her washing machine. They are looking forward to returning to church.

Kevin, Kristen L.’s brother, has finished his first week of acute rehab following his stroke. They are grateful that his speech is almost normal and his right side is responding well to the therapy. Please pray for a full recovery.

Karen E. as she struggles with various health issues. Please pray that the Holy Spirit gives her strength and guidance as she continues to receive treatment for multiple health issues.

Tammy, sister-in-law of Nancy S., now has MRSA in her leg. She and her husband, Brian, are discouraged and need prayer for the Lord to carry them through this time and wisdom to know how to treat and solve this ongoing problem.

Marilyn C., mother of Christina S., with multiple myeloma. She fell last week and had hip surgery on Monday. Please pray especially for Marilyn’s salvation.

Debbie H., daughter of Donna R., has been diagnosed with metastasized melanoma in her lung and is receiving chemotherapy. Please pray for calmness of heart for them, and that the Holy Spirit will bring them peace and great confidence in the Lord.

Phyllis B., Kevin B.’s mom, as she recovers from leg surgery.

Judie A., Beth B.’s mom, as she recovers from a fall that resulted in a fractured pelvis.

Dave B., Jill K.’s foster brother. It was just reported that his latest scans show the nodules are 90% gone! The doctor was shocked! He thanks the church for their faithful prayers.

Mel B., the uncle of our member Mikayla K., who Mikayla loves as a brother, as he recovers from a severe seizure. 

Scott P., brother of Kent P., begins long term chemo and immunotherapy to keep the cancer in check as long as possible.

Anna C., friend of the Stewarts, continues to battle metastatic breast cancer.

Kathleen M. as she continues to wrestle with her cancer.

Kayla, granddaughter of Doug and Chris T. Pray for healing and endurance as she continues treatment for optic nerve glioma.

Ria V.: for the spiritual strength that Ria continues to display as she rests in hospice care at her home.



Evening Worship Service begins tonight at 5:00 pm. Rev. Paul Foster will be preaching on John 3:1-8, 16: You Must Be Born Again.