Lord's day evening worship series

when scripture sings

worship Meeting held at ncpc, 5:30 pm

Our evening series by Pastor Nicholas Hathaway

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The scripture is full of song, even apart from the book of psalms. There are dirges, anthems, love-songs, praises, and laments that give voice to the deepest emotions. Over the rest of the year, we will look at 18 songs of scripture in our evening worship services. As we read, listen, and occasionally sing, the songs of scripture will retell the redemptive historical story in a new way, full of heart, poetry, and fervor.


reformation celebration -

  scotland's second reformation

    lectures HELD AT NCPC, 5:30 PM

Our evening lecture series by Dr. David G. Barker

Join us live on YouTube at 5:30 PM

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Who were the Covenanters?

What did they live for?

What were they so willing to die for?

These early Presbyterians of Scotland have a lot to teach us about what it means to stand "for Christ and Covenant".

This evening lecture series will run October 11 - October 25