Lord's day morning worship series

a perfect guide to the christian life:

      Paul's letter to the church at


Our morning worship series by Dr. David G. Barker

Join us live on YouTube at 11:00 am.

The letter to the Ephesians is much shorter than Paul's epic work, the book of Romans, however, it is nothing if it is not a distilled and wonderful version of the doctrines of and applications for the life of the Christian. We will work through this letter together in order to glean Paul's inspired direction and encouragement for us today.

lord's day morning worship series

a study on headship

october 1 - 29, 2023

Prior to opening the floor for officer nominations in November, we will take a month to examine some key principles of headship in the home and leadership in the church from both the teaching and life examples that we find in God's Word.

Dr. David G. Barker