Adult Christian education class

The Puritans - 

         all of life to the Glory of God

~ Lord's day morning, at 9:30 am, at ncpc

 Beginning september 12

Puritans and Puritanism are often very misunderstood and even misaligned. The common stereotype is that they were Pharisaical, legalistic, somber, punitive, and dry. But the Puritans saw and understood life in a way that many in the world do not. The Puritans not only took the theological mantle from John Calvin, they also committed themselves to take the gospel even to the very ends of the earth. they started in England but took the gospel across the Atlantic Ocean and drove it deep into the founding of the United States.

~ Pastor David G. Barker

adult christian education class

Treasures of encouragment

~ Lord's day mornings, 9:30 am, at ncpc

beginning september 12

Encouragement - we all need it. We will go through Sharon Betters' examination of how freedom springs from a secure identity in Christ and how it enables you to reach out to others around you.

~ Mrs. Janet Barker & others

adult christian education class

Inquirer's class

~ lord's day morning, 9:30 am, at ncpc

beginning september 12

This class is designed for anyone who would "like to know more" about the basics of the Christian faith, especially in a forum that would allow for questions and answers. Also, if you are interested in applying for membership at New Covenant, you should plan on attending this class.

~ Pastor Nick Hathaway