Worship Series for Lord's Day mornings and evenings

  • How can we give thanks in such a tumultuous time as our nation is having at present? Will we even be able to say we thank our God for this nation or will we be shamed for trying? What does Scripture call us to keep in mind, especially this year?

    Dr. David G. Barker

  • Evening Worship series

    The Songs of Scripture

    Pastor Hathaway will continue to explore many of the songs written throughout the history of redemption and show us how their message -- always centered on Christ -- applies to us today.

  • Confessing our faith - a survey of the westminster confession

    led by dr. david g. barker

    Lord's day mornings, at 9:30 am, at NCPC

    What is broadly hailed as the finest human summation of the gospel continues to be the doctrinal stand of historic Presbyterianism for over 400 years. We will examine the history and writing of this important document and why it is so important today.

  • Inquirers' class

    Led by Pastor nick hathaway

    Lord's day morning, at 9:30 am, at NCPC

    This class is designed for anyone who would “like to know more” about the basics of the Christian faith, especially in a forum that would allow for questions and answers. Also, if you are interested in applying for membership at New Covenant, you should plan on attending this class