Worship Series for Lord's Day mornings and evenings

  • The letter to the Ephesians is much shorter than Paul's epic work, the book of Romans, however it is nothing if it is not a distilled and wonderful version of the doctrines of and applications for the life of the Christian. We will work through this letter together in order to glean Paul's inspired direction and encouragement for us today.

    Dr. David G. Barker

  • evening worship series


    Who is the Messiah? We'll continue proceeding through Charles Jennens handpicked passages of scripture that Handel used for his famous oratorio "Messiah." The old and new testaments are intimately connected in the person of Jesus Christ. Come for a serious dose of Covenant theology as we lead up to the Easter season where our "Messiah" series will reappear in the morning series as well. Then we'll pick back up in the evenings after Easter to close out our study at the end of all things, in Revelation.

    Pastor Nicholas Hathaway

  • seeking God through darkness

    led by mr. dan foster

    lord's day mornings, at 9:30 am, at ncpc

    The Lord brings his greatest blessing out of our greatest trials. In this two part study we'll use two books to help us dig deeper into the Scripture. In the first half, the book Trusting God in the Darkness by Christopher Ash will walk us through the book of Job so that we can learn to see God's faithfulness and presence with us through every season and trial. In the second half, the book Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy by Mark Vroegop will take us into Lamentations and several Psalms of Lament to show us how to practice bringing our sorrow to God and experience His grace through those times.

  • leadership college, module 2: our doctrine and government

    led by dr. david g. barker

    lord's day mornings, at 9:30 am, at ncpc

    The goal of this module is to survey and examine the distinctives of the historic Reformed faith, her symbols and creeds, and understand the form of government as constructed by Presbyterianism. The progression of thought will go from learning to understanding to embracing to defending to teaching the doctrines of grace.

         While this is specifically for men attending the Leadership College, this module will be open to everyone.