Men's ministries

Pastor David G. Barker will be leading a Wednesday Night Men's Bible Study, 

as well as a mid-week Men's Leadership Module.

  • Paul's letter to the church in philippi

    wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 7:30 PM

    Among all the letters Paul wrote to the various churches he was involved in starting and developing, the church in Philippi was special to his heart.  This letter is one of personal testimony and of encouragement to the believers.  Christian men today need both - to hear how the Lord works in the lives of one another and to be bolstered in their own struggles and issues to trust in this faithful God.

  • Leadership college module 1 -

    christian character, growth and discipleship

    Dates and times to be announced

    "And [Jesus] called to Him those He

    Himself wanted."  Mark 3:13

    The focus of module one is to examine and discuss the priority and characteristics of Biblical qualifications for manhood and brotherhood, and to learn God's prescriptions for headship in the home and leadership in the church.  Emphasis will be on one's own spiritual discipleship and growth, the development of friendships within the class and the larger body, and the increase in trust and support among the men.