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Prayer Requests & Announcements:  August 25, 2019

Prayer Requests

Expectant Mothers: Erin H., Missy J., Kayla B., Elizabeth K., and Lindsay A.

Andrew G.: The congregation of Good Shepherd PCA in Valparaiso, IN, voted unanimously this past week to call Andrew G. to serve as pastor. This church is located close to Andrew’s and Jenni’s parents. We praise God for providing for their needs in so many ways. Please keep them in your prayers during this time of transition.

Jen B. is scheduled to have surgery on September 5 to remove something found on her liver during a routine scan. We would like to ask prayer for the outcome of this surgery and the testing to follow. We are hoping this isn’t anything to worry about for the future. Also, please pray for the surgeons’ hands, that the actual surgery goes well.

Kayla, granddaughter of Doug and Chris T., as she undergoes chemo for optic nerve glioma. She remains joyful and full of hope!

Ria van Z. is now home and resting. Please pray for her recovery.

Mary U., as she recovers from back surgery.

Kathleen M. as she continues to wrestle with her cancer (liver/kidney).

Dave B., Jill K.’s foster brother, with prostate cancer. Dave’s last scans showed the chemo is working to shrink his tumors. His bloodwork looks good and the doctor said things look positive.

Anna C., friend of the Stewarts, continues to battle metastatic breast cancer.


August Fellowship Dinner: Our August fellowship dinner will be held TONIGHT at 5:30 pm. The Stewart Shepherding Group will provide pulled BBQ and buns. We ask families last names A-L to bring a side dish and M-Z a dessert to share. At 6:30, we will hear from Bob B. and Jason Van B. on their recent mission trip to Uganda.

Young Adults Pilgrim’s Progress Study is meeting today after the worship service at the D. home.

Care Food Night: Our next opportunity to feed the homeless of Harford County will be TOMORROW at Calvary Baptist Church. If you have questions or would like to serve, please see Pam M.

Picnic and Play: Our next Picnic & Play will meet by the playground on Sunday, September 8, immediately after the morning worship service.

Ladies Thursday Morning Bible Study: In All Things by Melissa Kruger. Please join us for a study of Philippians and unshakable joy! Discover the secret to no-matter-what joy and how you can find contentment and unwavering peace every day. Thursdays from 10:00 – 11:30 am at NCPC. Introductory session starts on September 19, followed by nine weeks of study. Contact Joanne W. or Susan S. if you have any questions.

Box Tops for Education: Please help our school by bringing in your box tops and placing them in the box on the information table in the narthex. Money raised by the box tops helps our school purchase IT equipment for the classrooms. We can also earn extra box top money doing ShopRite for our school. Go to, register, and put New Covenant as the school.