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Prayer Requests & Announcements:  June 16, 2019

Prayer Requests

Expectant Mothers: Heather D., Meredith K., Kelsey L., April M., Erin H., and Missy J.

Brothers and Sisters in Kenya: The Missions Committee asks you to continue to pray for the famine in Baalah. The government continues to not allow government food to be given to those Christians, so they are at the mercy of food Peter can purchase with funds sent to him by supporters. People continue to die for lack of nourishment, especially the elderly.

Ria V., as she recovers from surgery for a broken hip.

Ember F., as she undergoes the process of a stem cell transplant to treat her osteopetrosis.

Kathleen M., diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer.

Pam P., friend of the Halls, diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma.

Dave B., Jill K.’s foster brother, with prostate cancer.

Roger I., friend of Robin L., has begun a new study and the cancer treatment he is being given is decreasing the growths and increasing his energy levels. Praise the Lord!

Anna C., friend of the Stewarts, continues to battle metastatic breast cancer on her spine and hip causing pain and discomfort.


Evening Worship Service: Our evening worship service begins tonight at 6:30 pm. Pastor Nick Hathaway will be preaching from Acts 11. His sermon is entitled, “The Church at Antioch.”

Semi-annual Congregational Meeting: Our next semi-annual congregational meeting will be this Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00 pm. Members are strongly urged to attend. Non-members are warmly welcome to join us.

June Fellowship Dinner: Our June fellowship dinner will be next Lord’s Day evening, June 23, at 5:30 pm. The Ciliax Shepherding Group will provide main dishes with an English theme. We ask last names A-L to bring a salad and M-Z to bring a dessert to share. The missions speakers will be J & M Meister.