Morning Worship Sermon Series

"Studies in the Book of Daniel"

January - May

We pick up where we left off in this wonderful book by examining the last legacy of King Nebuchadnezzar. But Daniel not only survived that king, he went on to serve many others. Daniel’s personal story is something we can readily identify with today. Taken from his home and culture when a small boy, Daniel demonstrates to us what it means to be faithful in a pagan country and how to continue to interpret his world and life with a view to exalting his Lord.


Morning Worship Services, 11:00 am        

Dr. David G. Barker

Evening Worship Service Series

The Gospel of Mark

January - May

We will take a break from our evening study of 1st Peter and take the winter weeks to unfold the gospel of Mark. Mark is the shortest gospel and the one most filled with action. Be ready to feel the impact of the coming of the Son of God.                 

Evening Worship Services, 6:30 pm

Pastor Nicholas Hathaway  

Children's & Youth Sunday School

Sunday mornings, 9:30 AM

Pre-K - GOD'S SON – The birth and stories of Jesus, God’s Son, in the New Testament.

Kindergarten – LIVING IN GOD’S FAMILY – What it means to be part of God’s family and live as God’s child.

Grades 1-2: KNOWING JESUS – Stories from the Gospels.

Grades 3-5: studies that survey the Old and New Testaments.

Grades 6-8: A study of Joshua, Judges & Ruth.

Grades 9-12: A Study of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Adult Christian Education

Sunday mornings, 9:30 AM

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John was the last of the gospels to be written and it is authored by the last surviving apostle of Jesus Christ.


It is different than the first three in that much of it is given to the deeper teaching of Jesus and is, therefore, worthy of its own attention.


The plan is to move slow enough through this study that we will take all year.

Christian Education Hour, 9:30 am

Dr. David G. Barker

Young Adult Study Through Pilgrim's Progress

Once a month, the young adults are invited over to the Barkers for food and fellowship and for the next chapter of our investigation into this marvelous analogy of the Christian life, written by John Bunyan in the 17th century. Texts and study notes will be provided. 

Last Lord’s Day each month, 2:00 pm

at the Barkers’ home

Dr. David G. Barker

Weekday Ministries for all ages

Our ministries are geared to different age groups for the purpose of learning God's Word and growing the mind and spirit towards the image of Christ.  Our ministry groups are largely led and staffed by laypeople who gather with others in areas of common interest.  You are most welcome to join us in the ministries offered below:

  • Kids Quest   (Pre-K - grade 3)

    WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

    begins again on January 9, 2019

    We have lots of great things in store for the Winter semester of our children's ministry.  Kids Quest will resume on January 9 after a break for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

  • QUEST  (GRADES 4 - 8)

    WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, 6:30 - 8:00 PM


    This group meets on the same evening as our children's group, with lessons - life skills - and games geared to their age.  This ministry will resume on January 9 after a break for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

  • Vision  (grades 9 - 12)

    thursday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

    We will be studying through a survey of the Bible looking at a different book of the Bible each night. Luke 24:27 guides us as we seek to see how Jesus reveals himself throughout the law and the prophets. Most studies will be held at the Hathaways', but Thursdays after the first Tuesday (Tuesday night session meeting) will be held at various houses. Join our groupchat for up to date information.  For more information contact Pastor Nick Hathaway:

  • Women's Ministries

    Ladies Prayer Circle

    Every Tuesday morning from 10:00 - 11:30 am, NCPC is supported in prayer by faithful women who join together to approach the throne of grace boldly on behalf of the community. This group is led by Robin L. in the conference room.


    Monday Evening Bible Study

    Emily G. will be leading a book study, “In All Things” by Melissa Kruger. The group will meet every other Monday evening at Panera Bread in Bel Air at 7:00 PM beginning Monday, Sept 17 through January 21.  If you have any questions, please see Emily.

    Wednesday Morning Bible Study


    Isaiah: The Lord Saves (Living Word Bible Studies) by Kathleen Buswell Nielson: Isaiah presents God's plan of redemption in a theological masterpiece that contains some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible. This study gives you both depth and a clear overview, as Kathleen encourages and enables you to read the book with growing understanding and joy in the Lord. We will resume January - April, 2019, meeting weekly in the morning at church.

    Wednesdays, 10:00 – 11:30 am


    Wednesday Evening Bible Study

    BEGINS AGAIN ON JANUARY 9, 2019 (6:30 - 8:00 pm)

    A study on the book of Ruth

    The Ladies Wednesday evening Bible Class will study of the Old Testament book Ruth this winter.  Interested women are asked to read the book of Ruth to prepare for this guided group discussion-style class.  Meeting in the Conference Room

  • men's bible study

    wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm


    The Parables of Jesus (part 1)

    Within the teaching of Jesus that we read of in the gospels are his parables. Not merely illustrations, parables seem to have a life of their own - opening hearts or closing them - as men hear and respond to Jesus' words. We will examine some of Jesus' parables, discussing their meaning, and probing our own hearts and lives to see how they truly affect each one of us.         

    Taught by Pastor David G. Barker